Things that Help you Sleep

Equipment for Better Sleep

Sleep Mask

It’s essential to have a dark room for quality sleep, but it can be difficult to block even the smallest light source, even the tiny red or blue LEDs of your electronic gadgets can disrupt your sleep.

In this case, it is sometimes easier to invest in an eye mask that has the merit of being very cheap, while significantly improving your quality of sleep, especially if it is comfortable.

Total darkness will help trigger melatonin production so you fall asleep more quickly and especially as you stay asleep. This kind of mask is also a MUST if you have a long journey waiting for you.

Light Therapy Lamp

“The principle of light therapy is based on the fact that light is the first synchronizer of our biological clock” “this light influences the secretion of melatonin- the sleep hormone- which manages our cycle Wake / sleep.”

“Depending on when you are exposed to this light, we can influence the secretion of melatonin to reset our biological clock on a good pace,” says the psychiatrist. But any artificial light is not beneficial, 60 million consumers recommend a light therapy lamp that must emit a white light of 5000 lux to 50 cm of the face so that the eyelids receive 2500 lux.

Sometimes, light is the enemy of sleep. 60 million consumers do not recommend exposing themselves to the blue light emitted by smartphone or computer screens. “The blue light impairs the secretion of melatonin and gives the impression to our body that it is light,”.

A problem that you can fight at the source on the latest models of smartphones. “On recent devices, it is possible to activate the blue light filter.On iOS, the ‘Night Shift’ mode even adjusts the filtration according to the time.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you prefer listening to relaxing music rather than guided meditation, it can also help you.

In fact, it has been found that soothing music not only helps to fall asleep, but also improves the duration and quality of sleep while lowering blood pressure and heart rate. In 2013, by analyzing previously published studies, experts found that in people with chronic sleep disorders, music significantly improved sleep quality and that benefits increased with practice.

Classical music such as Bach, Brahms, Mozart and Handel is ideal. It has been shown that it actually slows brain waves and puts listeners in a more calm and meditative mood … it’s up to you to find a good playlist on Spotify!

Besides the music, the “pink noises” are one of the best natural solutions! These particular noises synchronize the brain waves, which differentiates them from white noises, which in turn have different frequencies combined.

Essential Oil Diffusers

If you do not want to put lavender essential oil (or any other oil) directly under your pillow, another great way to reap the benefits and spread it instead.

Essential oil diffusers have become extremely popular, especially for getting to sleep. You will only have to add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil like lavender. You can also combine different oils and find the perfect mix for sleeping.

Some of the best oils, besides lavender, are clary sage, ylangylang oil, chamomile and sandalwood. Be sure to choose a diffuser that is quiet and able to operate for an entire night of 8 hours or more.

Refreshing Cushions

Some sleep accessories are less known and less used while they can be of great help. Refreshing cushions make it easier to fall asleep. Indeed, the body needs to lower its temperature by about one degree to start the sleep process. Although they are quite uncommon, and rather expensive, the refreshing cushions will help with insomnia. They are composed of a gel that absorbs the heat of the neck and the skull. In case of heat, in the summer, they will cool you down to find sleep easily. Refreshing cushions cost between 150 and 200 pounds.


Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are designed to relieve stress and anxiety. When you use these blankets, you feel as if you are hugged in the most comfortable way. They are available in different fabric choices and are customized to your size and weight.

However, they offer more than a feeling of being hugged. Indeed, studies have shown that the use of weighted coverage increases serotonin and melatonin levels, while reducing the body level of cortisol. Plus, its use helps improve your mood as you sleep better at night.

Weighted blankets should not be confused with thicker or down-filled blankets as they are designed with deep touch technology that spreads even pressure across the body.

The weight of the blanket, which equates to about 10% of your own weight, establishes a pleasant and satisfying feeling of well-being when using the blanket overnight. The result is a euphoric feeling of complete relaxation of your body and your nervous system. Your body releases serotonin (happiness hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone), so you can fall asleep peacefully or sit quietly while relaxing on the couch.

In my opinion, a good mattress and a comfortable pillow are really essential and without them, I have difficulty falling asleep. In addition, taking care to choose a quality mattress and pillow, the awakening pains disappear, whether in the back or the neck.

I really appreciate models with memory foam. However, not everyone is seduced by this technology. Also I recommend testing before investing in a mattress or pillow with memory foam. And when I talk about testing, it’s not just a few minutes in a shop. To get an accurate opinion, you have to test several nights.

Fortunately, several brands, including mattresses, offer a test period during which you can return the mattress and be reimbursed.

I think that with a good mattress of average quality is usually enough. Nevertheless, not everyone has the same sensitivity at this level. A better mattress can therefore be the key.



Finally, concerning the night mask, I use it only when I take the plane or the train on long journeys. But if you are very sensitive to light, this accessory can also make the difference.

To summarize, accessories contribute to good sleep hygiene and promote its quality.